A T'ai Chi Foundation Project

The T'ai Chi Foundation (TCF) was established in 1978 by Professor Patrick Watson a student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing, the founder of the Yang Tradition of T'ai Chi.  With Pat Gorman, M.Ac., the T'ai Chi Foundation was formed to train teachers and develop courses in T'ai Chi, Chinese Arts and related philosophy.  Today there are more than 12 schools of T'ai Chi Chuan worldwide.  TCF. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  has a European partner in the Stichting School of T'ai Chi Chuan.  Combined, the Foundation and Stichting School have more than 100 teachers who are faculty members of  the school.  TCF offers T'ai Chi Summer Camps for teachers and students and numerous regional training for teachers.

Go to www.taichifoundation.org for a class or school near you.

5 Elements

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal form the cycles of life and health.  Each element is clearly explained and demonstrated in inspiring natural environments by master teachers.

5 Element QiGong

Brings together the Yang Style Tradition of T'ai Chi and Classical 5 Element Chinese Medicine.  


Cultivates the life force within. 

Known to strengthen and heal the body, clarify the mind, and inspire the spirit.

Roots & Branches

5 Element Qigong​ TM 

Two DVD Set

A Classical Practice for transforming
The Body, Mind, and Spirit